On Sundays we have two morning services.

The 9.15 am is a more reflective service and ends at 10.15 am.  We then meet for coffee/tea in the Clifford Hall which is a great place to meet people and allows members attending different morning services to socialise. 

The 10.45 am service is more family orientated and during this service we run our children’s activities.  There is a crèche in the Buckhurst Room and several Children and Young Adult Clubs meet determined by age in the Barnett Barn and Blue Room.

Our ACCESS group meets during the second service in the Payne Room on the first and third Sundays or every month.  This group is designed for adults with special needs and aims to provide the bible to all levels of ability through music, drama, word games and craft activities.  ‘We learn how each of us is part of God’s special family.’

Morning Services include Communion on the third Sunday in the month.

Beulah is a lively, family orientated church, offering a friendly welcome to all who meet with us.