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The WFG’s role is to raise and maintain awareness of and support for missions and individual Christians, mostly, but not exclusively, overseas. These may be church members or those working for BMS, or in other missions or settings. Of the many organisations that exist, we have a particular responsibility for those of our own denomination: Home Mission and BMS World Mission.

BMS (Baptist Missionary Society) has a scheme called ‘BMS Church Partners’ by which relationships are formed between BMS mission workers and individual churches. Our Partners are Chris and Debbie Drew, who are working in Nepal.  You can get their latest news by clicking here.

Another scheme run by BMS, the gap-year Action Teams, has enabled two of our young people to experience modern mission in Uganda and India and then share the experience with churches back in the UK.

The WFG helps to organise financial support for BMS  in various ways:  through the annual Harvest Appeals, on-going “Cash in the Attic” style auctions and an annual event such as a garden party or coffee morning.  Special appeals to assist those affected by man-made or natural disasters are organised as need be. The WFG is also responsible for allocating the part of the church’s giving intended largely for overseas missions.  Whilst the larger part goes to BMS, we also support a number of other mission organisations.

We have quarterly World Focus Prayer and Information evenings as part of the weekly prayer meetings, focussing on individuals and organisations often working in very difficult situations overseas.


Birthday-CardBMS Birthday Scheme

The idea behind the BMS Birthday Scheme is that, as we give thanks for another year of life each birthday, we make a donation that will help bring new life to some of the world’s most disadvantaged people. The scheme primarily supports the health work of BMS and partner organisations around the world. This may be through medical intervention, disease prevention work and the promotion of positive health. Loving practical actions may also provide effective ways to share the gospel story.
Those who join the scheme receive a birthday card each year from the church's scheme secretary with a gift envelope inside in which to give a donation. It is a simple idea, but it makes significant contributions to the work of BMS.

If you would like to know more about the World Focus Group or the BMS Birthday Scheme please visit the Contact Us page.

For information about other Missions and Organisations which we are contected to please visit the Useful Links page.